Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Taquitos" are a horrible disgrace for all flauta kind

Flautas don't even have a wikipedia page... no... they are just listed under the Taquitos wikipedia page.


This is a disgrace... taquitos sound like a stupid little dish. Now albeit I don't speak Spanish at all but I'm pretty sure Taquitos means little tacos. NO! A little taco is actually just a small FUCKING TACO! A mini taco does not a flauta make!

To add insult to injury, Wikipedia's link when you click flautas in the text of the taquitos page leads to a fucking page about flutes. FLUTES! Now sure that may be what it means in ESPANOL but here in America we like to think of flautas as simply the most delicious food that is available to man.

Nuff Said, end of story...


man those flautas are not sitting well with me.

How you make flautas for $6!

Step 1. Exit your house and get on the J train towards manhattan.
Step 2. Get off the J Train and transfer to the G train by walking a few blocks from the lorimer J stop.
Step 3. Get on the G and get off at the first stop in Queens.
Step 4. Go to the Creek, a restaurant/bar/performance venue on Jackson Ave.
Step 5. Order the flautas.
Step 6. Eat them.

THERE! Who said you didn't know how to cook!?

"Deliciousness in a tortilla" and other hyperbolical descriptors

Flautas are:

  • Deliciousness in a tortilla

  • A little bit of heaven south of the border

  • Little douchebags *Note this only works for people who like douchebags*

  • Mm-mm good grandma

  • Flaut-erific

  • Melt in your mouth mexican munchables

  • The only food ever... EVER

  • The best dinner I ever had

Look at these fucking Flautas!!

I ate a flauta that looked kind of like this for dinner... jealous?!


These one's are okay I guess... BUT FLAUTAS AM I RIGHT?!